RMA offers a range of audit services, including financial statement audits, IT audits, performance audits, and attestation services, for both civilian and defense agencies. Our expertise covers financial audits at both the department and bureau-component levels, as well as for government corporations.


RMA’s consulting services are designed to enhance your organizational capabilities and support data-driven decision making. Our complete solution reveals unseen data patterns and insights and provides secure, cloud-based analytics with advanced data protection and management protocols. Transform your approach to data analysis and unlock the full potential of your data with RMA.


At RMA, we ensure the successful execution of both large and small programs by basing our business transformation methodologies on a combination of internationally recognized standards and best practices, validated through tried-and-true frameworks and simplified it.

Enjoy the best services and support combined together

At RMA, we are dedicated to serving the public interest, delivering exceptional results for our clients, and offering career-growing opportunities to our team. Our success stems from the exceptional professional skills and unwavering integrity of our talented personnel.  

RMA develops solutions that help the Federal Government with issues including audit and attest,  financial management information technologyperformance management human capital, and  decision analytics.

Our complete list of services can be found  here.